Application Form

Please Note and read carefully:

  • The onus is on you, the applicant, to prove beyond a shadow of doubt your eligibility for membership.
  • Completion of this form does not automatically qualify you as a member of 32 Battalion Veterans’ Association.
  • A thorough vetting process using the information provided on this form will enable us to determine if you qualify to become a member of 32 Battalion Veterans’ Association.
  • Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013 applies and you need to give us permission to verify your application, this is done when you sign your application for membership to 32 Battalion Veterans’ Association.
  • We will consult Military Records available to us, the provision of false information may result in your details being published within the Military Veterans’ Organisations Social Media as being a “Wannabe”!
  • Please type legibly and clear.

Qualifying Criteria: On strength duty at 32 Battalion for a period equal to or exceeding (≥) 120 Calendar days.

If your membership is approved, then the following will apply, and you agree to that by token of the same signature applied to this application form:

As a Member of the 32 Battalion Veterans’ Association, I undertake to adhere to the following Code of Honour:-

  1. To behave in a dignified manner at all times when in the dress of the Association, or when otherwise present at functions of, or representing the Association.
  2. To show respect and courtesy towards fellow Members, Friends and Guests of the Association, and to represent-atives or personnel of other organisations, or members of the public, when meeting them under the auspices of the Association.
  3. To display loyalty towards the Association, and towards the Members and Friends of the Association, at all times.
  4. To respect, abide by and uphold the rules, regulations, conventions and traditions of the Association at all times.
  5. To subscribe to our Credo: Honesty, Loyalty and Justice.
    • Honesty: truthfulness, sincerity and freedom from deceit or fraud
    • Loyalty: implies a faithfulness that is steadfast in the face of any temptation to renounce, desert, or betray
    • Justice: fair or just treatment

Como membro da Associação de Veteranos do 32 Batalhão, comprometo-me a aderir ao seguinte Código de Honra:

  1. Comportar de forma digna em todos os momentos, quando no vestido da Associação, ou quando de outra forma presente nas funções ou representando a Associação.
  2. Mostrar respeito e cortesia com os colegas, amigos e convidados da Associação e com representantes ou fun-cionários de outras organizações, ou membros do público, quando os encontrarem sob os auspícios da Asso-ciação.
  3. Mostrar a lealdade em relação à Associação, e para os Membros e Amigos da Associação, em todos os momen-tos.
  4. Respeitar, respeitar e manter as regras, regulamentos, convenções e tradições da Associação em todos os mo-mentos.
  5. Para assinar o Credo: Honestidade, Lealdade e Justiça.
    • Honestidade: Veracidade, sinceridade e liberdade de engano ou fraude
    • Lealdade: Implica uma fidelidade firme em face de qualquer tentação de renunciar, desertar ou trair
    • Justiça: Tratamento justo ou justo

Membership Application Form

I hereby declare and agree:

  • The below information provided by me is truthful and correct in all respects.
  • I was on strength at 32 Battalion during the period indicated and, in the role, indicated.
  • I acknowledge and agree that my information will be shared with 32 Battalion Veterans’ and/or other Military Veterans’ Organisations to verify my claim to membership of 32 Battalion Veterans’ Association. (Protection of Personal Information Act 4 of 2013)
  • I accept that any provision of false information may result in my details being published within the Military Veterans’ Organisations Social Media as being a “Wannabe”!